Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Mom To Be

Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Mom To Be

Whether you’re looking for a one of a kind gift or a unique spin on practical baby shower gifts, you’ve come to the right place. This gift buying guide offers baby shower ideas specifically for the mama of a new baby.

Sorry dad, this one’s not for you, but don’t worry, we have plenty of other articles with baby shower gifts for new parents.

What Makes a Baby Shower Gift Unique?

Practical items are the mainstay of the baby registry. Mama has picked out the crib, rocker, and diaper bag she wants. Adhering to her strict instructions is a fast way to get yourself kicked out of the party! 

All kidding aside, unique gifts for baby showers are less predictable items that make momma’s life with the new baby easier. They also fill the experience with a fuzzy warm feeling.

A unique baby shower gift idea can be creative, personalized, funny, or unexpected. How it differs from the onslaught of gifts at baby showers is what makes it unique.

Before You Buy a Unique Gift For Any New Parent

You know those ugly sweaters and weird gifts your distant Aunt sends you? Would you consider them to be unique? I mean, the green sweater with brown elbow patches and a matching collar is certainly unique, but will you wear it?

A unique gift doesn’t always mean that new parents are ready to welcome it with open arms. Before buying a unique gift for mama, make sure you understand her needs, wants, and desires from her life and for the life of her new baby.

This doesn’t mean holding a counseling session to discuss her parenting goals, it means knowing about mom before buying a unique gift for her or the little one.

Unique Items That Make For A Great Baby Shower Gift

It’s about time we make your gift buying life a little easier. We’ve taken the time to curate a list of the best baby shower gifts for mom to be. These are segmented into categories based on the type of unique gift you want to buy for her and the newborn baby.

Creative Baby Shower Gifts For Mom To Be

A carefully considered creative gift can be a home run with new moms. The trick is finding a creative baby gift mama can use, cherish, or sometimes both.

A creative keepsake is one of those baby shower gift ideas that makes the crowd ooooh and aaaaw. It is one that mom will cherish for the rest of her life. 

One such keepsake is a baby handprint and footprint photo frame kit. This wonderful gift gives mama a hands-on experience, making the gift even more special.

Baby Handprint and Footprint Wedding Shower Gift

Personalized Baby Shower Gifts For Mom To Be

There are many ways to personalize a baby gift so that it’s extra special to mama. We can even transform a practical baby shower gift into one of a kind items that never find their way into a garage sale or thrift store. Personalizing a practical item makes certain that it’s never far from a mothers mind.

Here’s a short list of the items you can personalize for mom to be.

  • Baby clothes
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby Book
  • Baby Swaddle

Personalize these items with a baby name, religious scripture, a poem, or a special message that has meaning to the family.

Here’s a look at a personalized baby blanket we love! This unique style makes the name unforgettable. The super soft material is comfortable for the new baby, but also years later when reliving the memories of a not so little one.

Baby Blankets For Baby Shower

Funny Baby Shower Gifts For Mom To Be

Do you know a mom that’s looking for a light hearted gift that celebrates her baby girl or boy in a way that makes her laugh? If so, adding a comical gift to the baby shower can get everyone laughing, and the memory will live on for years to come.

Sometimes these gifts are practical, while other times they are not. Either way, it might be the perfect gift for a mom to be.

If mom plans to give birth in a hospital, their wardrobe is pretty well determined in advance. Those lovely hospital gowns accompanied by a shiny white bracelet are about all you get to look your best on this special day. The only aspect of the ensemble that mom gets to choose is the socks she wears.

Let’s be honest, mom isn’t thinking about having the perfect socks for the occasion. But that’s where you come in! Here is a really fun pair of socks that you can buy mom to use on her special day. We particularly like the Relax-Breathe-PUSH socks, but choose the ones you like :).

Labor and Delivery Socks

Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts For Mom To Be

Like unique, unexpected can be good or bad. But when you know mom well enough, you can create beautiful music by pulling her heart strings.

An unexpected gift can be the most remembered gift of the baby shower. We would love to give you some recommendations on this, but that would be us pretending to know the new mom.

Finding your way into mom's heart is going to require some quiet time and perhaps some caffeine. Grab your journal and a cup of coffee, find a peaceful place and start thinking about how you can make mom speechless with your unexpected but appreciated gift.

The Best Baby Shower Gifts For New Moms

We’ve given you a lot to think about and you’ve seen a handful of great gift ideas for a new mom. Now, we want to offer you some advice that should come as a relief. We find the best baby shower gifts are more the sum of their parts. Mom is going to think about the entire baby shower experience more so than a single gift.

Don’t let yourself get stuck trying to find the perfect gift, because that gift doesn’t exist. Instead, think about how you can become a part of a collective group celebrating this new mom. You’ve done your job if, at the end of the baby shower, she says, “these are the best gifts I could ask for.”

Baby Shower Gifts For a New Mom Honorable Mentions

Back to some fun stuff. Here are a few gifts we think are awesome.

Stretch marks can freak a soon to be mom out. Before becoming a new mom, she lathers herself daily with moisturizers and creams to prevent those noticeable lines. While we think those natural reminders of a labor of love make a woman even more beautiful, we understand why she might want to minimize their appearance.

But what about after pregnancy? Has mom thought about the right way to take care of her skin once her body returns to normal? Here’s a gift you can give to take care of this need that she may not be thinking about.



Skin Firming Recovery Set For Baby Shower

A baby rocker is an essential baby item for mom that she delays purchasing. Whether it’s the unknown size of the baby, being undecided about styles and features, or other reasons, she delays the purchase until after she’s a new mom.

This is where you can swoop in and save the day. This absolutely stunning rocker is practical, safe, and simple in design.

Baby Car Rocker For Baby Shower

Baby Shower Gifts For The Mom Who Has Everything

Maybe this isn’t mom's first baby rodeo or perhaps she went overboard while baby nesting. Either way, there are moms who have everything they need for the new baby. 

So what do you do? Do you go to Amazon and buy a gift card? Do you go to a massage therapist and buy a gift certificate?

We understand how buying a gift for a mom who seemingly has everything can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. As proactive as this soon to be new mom is, it’s unlikely she has all the baby gear she will need in the future.

It might take some digging and creative thinking but even the mom who says she has everything, still needs something. 

Unique Baby Shower Gift Set

You're busy, we get it. You want to buy a unique baby shower gift that includes a variety of baby essentials or, better yet, mom essentials! Here’s a gift that will knock mom's socks off...so that someone can rub her feet. This joke will make sense once you look at the gift.

Baby Shower Gift Basket For Mom

A Gift For Every Time She Sees Her Baby

Perhaps we saved the best for last. Ok, we might be biased but we believe we make the perfect baby shower gift. This gift is creative, personalized (it’s her baby‘s face!), funny (wait for those special moments), and unexpected. Leo & Ella makes the best baby car mirror that money can buy.

Our oversized luxury design means mom can see her baby from all angles and the mirror will stand the test of time. Our crash tested baby mirror keeps the baby safe at all times. You will look like a superstar if you bring this gift to a baby shower.

Baby Car Mirror For Baby Shower Gift

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