Practical Baby Shower Gifts: Choosing Gifts That Parents Appreciate

Practical Baby Shower Gifts: Choosing Gifts That Parents Appreciate

How do you think practically about what to bring to a baby shower, yet deliver a gift that new parents will love? That’s exactly what you will learn in this article. We discuss everything you need to know when looking for practical baby shower gifts.

Oh, and if you are looking for examples of a baby shower gift, This article gives you plenty of recommended practical gifts for the family’s new arrival. So read on for some unique yet practical baby shower gift ideas that the parents-to-be will surely appreciate.

What is a practical baby shower gift?

A practical baby shower gift is the must-haves that each expectant parent uses to care for their new baby. It includes items that parents understand they need and plenty of items they’ve yet to hear of.

Practical doesn’t always mean common and, as you will learn, less common is a great way to make practical baby gifts stand out.

We find common gifts on pretty much every baby registry. So if you want to choose practical baby gifts that stand out, you will need a resource (like this one) for examples of unique yet practical items.

Here’s an important PSA when giving any “good gifts” for a baby shower. Choose a gift that’s practical and useful, but is not constantly in the way. Mother’s take baby nesting seriously and do like to waste space in the nursery.

Be sure to think about what the parents will need most and if it will fit within their home.

When is it a Good Idea to Give a Practical Baby Shower Gift?

Practical gifts for a baby shower are almost always a good idea. One reason is they actually use the gift given to them. Another reason to give a practical baby shower gift is for parents with a unique lifestyle. For example, if a family loves to hike, there are practical gifts that make hiking with an infant an easier (and safer) process.

The more you understand about mom and dad, the more practical items you will think of. This way, when showing up to the baby shower, you won't be among those who give common baby shower gifts. You won’t have to worry about the monotone “thank you” mom and dad give before hurrying on to the next gift.

When is it a Bad Idea to Give a Practical Baby Shower Gift?

You might assume that there's never a bad idea to give a practical gift, but this isn’t true. A baby gift can be practical yet never get used. For example, mom may view the stroller you purchased as a disappointing baby shower gift idea if she already has one picked out.

It’s also not a good idea to give a practical gift for a baby shower when the parents-to-be already have a stockpile of these items. We shouldn’t assume that all practical gifts fall into the same category as diapers, where more is always better.

One more reason not to buy a practical baby shower gift is when the mother has specifically asked you not to. There are plenty of moms who want their baby shower to be a blast, hoping for one of a kind or even funny baby shower gifts.

In any of these situations, the things to buy for a baby shower need to be thought through.

Common Baby Shower Gifts

Common baby shower gifts give us a starting point for turning practical into personal. Here’s a look at the common baby shower gifts.

Clothes: Baby girls and boys need lots of clothes, so this is always a practical gift choice. Be sure to choose sizes that will fit the baby as she grows, so the parents can use them for a long time.

Diapers: Diapers are an essential item for taking care of a baby, so parents will definitely appreciate this gift. Choose a size that is appropriate for the baby’s age.

Toys: Baby boys and girls love playing with dolls and other toys, so this is a great gift choice. Be sure to choose age-appropriate toys that will keep the baby entertained.

Books: Babies love looking at pictures and hearing stories, so books make a great gift choice. Choose board books or ones that are easy to clean if the baby drools a lot.

Bath Time: Keeping a baby clean is work that is worth the reward. Even though it is a struggle to bathe most children, we love the idea of a fresh, clean baby. This means mom gifts such as love soaps, bath towels, and other cute bath time products.

The Most Practical Baby Shower Gift

What is the most useful baby shower gift? Diapers, of course, but you knew that, right? This is because diapers are essential for taking care of a baby and the parents will definitely use them.

So if you’re looking for a gift that the parents can really use, diapers are a great option. Plus, they come in all different sizes, so you can always buy packs for different stages of the baby’s development.

But if you will go the extra mile, you can make the most useful baby shower gift and turn it into the most creative gift of all.

  • Buy a diaper bag and stuff it with diapers.
  • Make a diaper cake and present it to the family.
  • Create a diaper bouquet to show the parents how special they are.

Finding The Best Practical Baby Shower gift

Ok, let’s be honest, there isn’t a one size fits all best practical baby shower gift. But we’ve got an idea on how you can give this impression with your gift.

One way to approach your search for the perfect baby shower gift is to include both practical and personalized baby shower gifts into a single item. What practical items can you personalize so that they will remember you during its time of need?

Here’s an idea. What kind of item can you have embroidered with the family’s name on it? Think of fabric gifts such as car seat strap pads, binky blankets, or diaper bags.

Useful Baby Shower Gifts For the Baby

Let’s talk about the little one for a moment. What will they need as they begin this life journey?

Thinking realistically, the most useful practical baby shower gift is something parents can use to care for their new baby. But we shouldn’t only concern ourselves with mom and dad. This is also a special event for the baby as well!

So while you may think that we reserve practical baby gifts for items like a gift card, burp clothes, diapers, and baby wipes. Practical can also be for items that the baby ends up seeing later in life.

When you are thinking about the baby, the best baby shower gifts will be practical yet durable. Items that mom just can't let go of and end up being tucked away in the closet, saved for a future date.

the best practical baby shower gifts for a boy

By now, you understand that for baby shower gifts, practicality is key. While moms commonly complain that there’s fewer “cute” baby clothes, we still have plenty of practical baby shower gifts for boys.

So if you’re looking for a gift that parents can really use, diapers or clothes are always a safe bet. But if you’re looking for something a little more unique, think of what a mom, dad, or both hope for their child? Is the dad an avid golfer?

How about this Golf swaddle blanket for the baby?

the best practical baby shower gifts for a girl

There are endless options that make great practical baby shower gifts for a baby girl. But choosing the best one requires more work. A baby girl is a precious little gym to both mom and dad, so look for practical gifts emphasizing her adorable little self.

Here is one for your cute little bean that is sure to satisfy a mom and dad who loves coffee.

Useful Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

Practicality is key when choosing the most useful baby shower gifts for a mom. And for practical baby shower gifts for moms, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Point blank, the best practical baby shower gifts for a mom will solve problems. A new mom is entering a world where she will experience a level of stress she didn't know existed. Think outside of the box when deciding on this problem solving practical gift. Here are a few ideas.

  • Buy her a credit with a maid service so that she can have help with chores.
  • Pay for a photoshoot with a baby photographer to capture those precious moments.
  • Get her a gift certificate to a fluff and fold laundry service that picks up, cleans, and returns clothing.
  • Cover the cost of several meals in advance with a food delivery service.

The problems that you are solving have nothing to do with anyone else except that wonderful mother who cares for that new baby.

How to Make a Practical Baby Shower Gift Fun

We’ve already discussed the first way to make a practical baby shower gift more fun, which is adding personalization to the item. But a personalized touch doesn’t stop there. You can personalize an item in several ways, making it more presentable, have a better experience, and leave a lasting impression.

Here are a few ideas on how to make practical baby gifts more fun.

  • Choose special gift wrapping paper, add a customized bow, or find another decorative element to make your gift stand out.
  • Include a personalized note with the gift. This can be a heartfelt or funny message. Either way, personalize enough to make mom and dad smile from ear to ear.
  • Include a fun gift with your practical one. Any gift that makes a baby happy and looks cute to a new mom and dad is a gift that they will love for years to come. Sometimes it is best to include both practical and fun in a package so that you are satisfying both of the parents’ hopes.
  • Finally, you can make practical baby shower gifts more fun by putting together a themed gift basket. Go all out! Include funny baby shower gifts, a one of a kind unique baby shower gift, and a practical gift.

The Best Baby Shower Gift For Families

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