Last Minute Baby Shower Gifts That Mom Will Love

Last Minute Baby Shower Gifts That Mom Will Love

What do you do when you have a baby shower to attend at the last minute with absolutely no idea what to get the expectant parents to be? Fortunately, there are ways you can show support for the new parents with these last-minute baby shower gifts. You will find they are just as thoughtful but easy to get.

So don’t fear an upcoming baby shower. Even at the last minute, you can find a gift that impresses new parents and other shower guests. These ideas are appropriate for pregnant moms, the time immediately after the baby’s birth, and help to enrich and educate the child for years to come.

Tips for Buying Last Minute Baby Shower Gifts Online

The days of going to brick-and-mortar stores for everything are over. Instead, you can find the perfect baby shower gift online. You can even have them personalized, although a baby or parent-specific gift might take a little longer to ship.

These essential tips and tricks make the most of your online shopping experience.

  • Personalized items take longer to create, so plan accordingly.
  • Know your budget in advance.
  • Consider the parent’s tastes when purchasing a gift, especially a homemade one.
  • Opt for rapid shipping if you’re in a time crunch.

Tips for Buying Last Minute Baby Shower Gifts Near You

If you live in a larger city or town, there’s a good chance you can find a place to buy a last-minute baby shower gift. Although this convenience affords plenty of time to procrastinate on picking up your fantastic baby shower gift, avoid the urge to buy it on the way to the shower. Instead, shoot for three or four days in advance.

These tips will help you find the perfect gift in no time.

  • Buy your gift a few days in advance.
  • Consider buying gift bags and cards at less expensive stores, since they overprice them at baby-specific stores or boutiques.
  • Pick up several items with the same theme.
  • Consider putting something special in there for mom.

Whether you pick up your baby shower gift online or at a traditional store, it’s good to know what sort of thing you want to buy in advance. So ask yourself the following questions to minimize your stress level and choose a gift that will appeal to the parents-to-be.

Do the Parents Have a Registry?

If the parents-to-be have an Amazon baby registry, it’s smart to work from the baby registry and then add in some smaller, personalized gifts if you’d like. If you can’t find anything within your budget on the registry, giving them a gift card or cash on a lovely card is entirely okay.

Does the New Baby Have Siblings?

Often siblings around the same age will share toys and even clothes. Since babies grow up quickly, new parents can only use baby clothes for a few months at a time. If the new baby has siblings, especially in the same age range, consider buying them more educational toys or getting something nice for their parents.

There’s a good chance that the new baby will have all the books, onesies, and educational toys that they could want, so think outside of the box a little. You’ll wind up with a more thoughtful gift.

Where Do the Parents Live?

If the new baby’s parents live in a smaller, more compact environment, consider getting the baby foldable toys or space-efficient items. If the parents rent instead of own, do not buy anything, they will have to suspend from the ceiling or drill into the walls. If they don’t have a backyard, avoid outdoor toys.

Also, think about what the parents like to do for fun. For example, if both parents love the beach or own property on the shore, sand toys or a cute beach-themed onesie would be adorable. 

What’s Your Budget?

Give your budget some serious thought before hitting the stores or logging onto your computer. Although it might be tempting to get the best, grandest baby gift possible, keeping within your spending limits is critical.

There’s also something to be said for beautiful personalized baby gifts that don’t cost much but have tremendous sentimental value. If you’re crafty, consider making a baby blanket or a knit cap and mittens for the little baby girl or baby boy. 

Our Top Picks for Last Minute Baby Shower Gifts

The perfect gift is always something from the heart, thought out, and useful. These last-minute baby shower gift ideas will help you find the ideal gift that new parents will cherish for months and years to come. 

A Gift Card

Gift cards are always an ideal option, and you can even pick one up or order it online on the day of the shower. Of course, generic gift cards to places like BuyBuy BABY and Amazon are always good bets, but you can think outside of the box on this one too.

Spa or restaurant gift cards give new moms a way to relax after giving birth. Or, it allows the parents to have a pleasant night out on the town when the baby is old enough to stay with a sitter. 

Also, gift cards are some of the best baby shower gifts, especially if you’re not a parent. New moms and dads can pick up whatever baby gear they need as they need it. So having a little extra cash or a gift card for those last-minute expenses is good.

Put your gift card in a lovely, personalized card with a special note for mom and dad. They will appreciate it immensely.

Diaper Gift Set

Although all babies are different, there’s one thing that all new little ones need; diapers. Although enormous packages of diapers are welcome, a diaper gift set is an exceptionally thoughtful gift that you can put together in a matter of minutes.

You only need a few different diapers, diaper creams, wipes, and a pretty diaper bag to put the whole thing together. Diaper gift sets are practical baby shower gifts because they take the guesswork out of changing the child. Diapers might seem like a simple gift, but they help calm new parents’ nerves, especially if this is their first child.

Also, you can get everything you need for a diaper gift set at your local big box store; no special shopping is required. The only real downside is that diapers are expensive, so if you’re on a budget, opt for an original gift.

Diaper cakes are great options, too, although those take a little extra artistic magic to put together. You can get diaper cakes online and have them express shipped to your address.

Consider these things if you plan to put together a diaper gift set.

  • Diapers are pricy.
  • Get a variety of different diapers as babies grow out of them quickly.
  • Think about the parents’ taste when selecting the diaper bag.
  • You can order a diaper cake online or make one with an online tutorial.

New Baby Gift Set

Similarly, new baby gift sets are an excellent way to set parents on the right foot. Although each one will be different, and you can personalize them to your heart’s content, there are some things you should include in the perfect new baby gift set.

Consider packing in a burp cloth or two, a pacifier, a baby bottle, baby socks, and a baby shusher. Baby shushers are small white noise machines that mimic the soothing sounds that parents make for their new children. They can help regulate sleep patterns and keep infants calm, especially in those vital first months, and they are lifesavers for both parents and the newborn baby.

DIY Wall Art With Baby’s Name

Although this gift takes a bit of pre-planning, you can still do it a week before the shower. If you have some artistic skills, consider making your own art for the little one featuring the baby’s name or some cute animals. Otherwise, you can find an artist on Etsy or a similar platform that can create the baby wall art of your dreams.

DIY wall art is a unique baby shower gift because it’s personalized and specific. If you can, find out the baby’s room’s color scheme ahead of time so that you can match the art to fit in. If you do it right, this baby shower gift idea is a great way to show new parents you care while welcoming this little one into the world.

Stuffed Animals

All babies love stuffed animals, and they are pretty inexpensive. If you’re on a budget, consider buying an adorable stuffed animal to be the new baby’s best first friend. Make sure the stuffed animal you choose has no rough edges or hard materials, which can hurt little hands and mouths. 

Instead, find a soft, hypoallergenic, plush toy in baby-appropriate pastel colors. Stuffed animals are also an excellent add-on for other gifts, like new baby gift sets, diaper gift sets, and gift cards.

Baby Blanket

Every newborn little one needs a special baby blanket to help them feel as secure as possible. Whether you make your own blanket or buy one online or in-store, it’s essential to keep fabric choices in mind. Wool blankets can irritate sensitive baby skin, so go with something that’s a cotton blend.

Since the baby blanket will be in the child’s crib, find out the color choices they prefer, so you can match the room perfectly. 

Baby Clothes

Babies grow super fast, so baby clothes are an excellent last-minute baby shower gift you can buy virtually anywhere. Also, look for clothes with snaps rather than zips. Snaps make changing diapers easy, and zips can irritate the skin or even cause minor injuries.

You can buy infant-specific clothes or larger ones that the baby boy or baby girl can wear when they get older. T-shirts and bodysuits are perfect for babies. Socks are a great, inexpensive bet too.

Educational Toy

If the newborn baby has brothers or sisters, there’s a good chance that their home will have plenty of books and educational toys. If they are an only child, toys that teach make fantastic gifts that will help them develop their motor and problem-solving skills.

Look for age-appropriate toys in bright colors. Interactive toys that make noise or light up are great too. You will undoubtedly want to avoid any toys with smaller parts, as little ones put everything in their mouths and can easily choke.

Books are unique gifts too. Tactile books with thick pictures and exciting textures and pictures work well. Most baby books have very thick pages, so even if the child puts them into their mouth, they won’t get ruined. You can also get a more advanced book for when they get a little older. Books you cherish from your childhood are excellent bets.

Mama or Papa Survival Kit

Expect the baby to be showered with gifts, but new parents need a little personal care too. That’s where the new mama survival kit comes in handy. It’s a thoughtful gift that will allow the new parents to relax and unwind a little before and after their new baby arrives.

Give new parents and expectant parents goodies like candy bars, scented candles, restaurant gift certificates, spa day visits, and even champagne. In addition, new moms might want something to help them feel beautiful after pregnancy, so lip balms, good lotions, and nail polish all are excellent gifts.

Baby Mirror

Rear-facing car seats are the best and safest option for transporting a new baby from place to place. However, they are not very convenient for checking on a baby because you can’t use the rearview mirror to see the baby. Using a baby mirror is the perfect product to this problem. A great gift option for new parents on the go is a fixed headrest baby car mirror that stays in place even on the bumpiest drives. 

Relax, You Got This!

If you feel rushed trying to find the perfect baby shower gift at the last minute, don’t worry. There are plenty of options out there for virtually any and every type of parent. You can relax knowing you showed your support and love, even if you got the gift at the last minute.

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