Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

Is your friend or family member having a baby but withholding the gender from you? Waiting to find out the gender may be worth it to the parent, but it makes buying gifts a challenge. It is much easier to purchase gifts when knowing that a baby boy or baby girl is on the way.

So we are here to make buying a gender neutral baby gift a blessing rather than a curse. When you get this right (and you will), you will be a star in the parents’ eyes.

The team at Leo & Ella has compiled a list of what to look for and how to find the best gender neutral baby gifts. Fram practical baby gifts that everybody needs to unique baby gifts that are one of a kind. This article makes it as easy as 1-2-3 or better said, read, click, buy to choose the best gender neutral gift.

Now, let’s help you find that perfect baby gift for your friend or family member.

Understanding The Mother of the Child

A quick PSA. Before choosing a gift for a baby, understand the wants, needs, and desires of the mother. This might seem easier for parents of an expecting mother than a daughter n law or friend, but don’t let closeness of your relationship take this step for granted. What you assume to be the perfect gift idea could be a terrible choice for the mother who has differing feelings.

Gift Giving Scenarios

Let’s look at the three common scenarios/reasons for purchasing a gender neutral baby gift.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

Following a baby shower registry is a lazy approach. It is taking the easy way out with gift giving. Ok, that isn’t true since fully prepared expecting mothers (baby nesting) to provide comprehensive lists of everything they “think” they need.

If you are attending a baby shower for a new parent, consider going beyond this checklist call of duty and purchasing additional items, not on the baby registry. Since you are reading this article, you won’t be one of those people who grab a product off the rack and say “well, isn’t this nice?” Nope, you will have done your research and made a purchase that will leave the mother saying “I’m impressed” about your baby shower gift.

Gender Neutral Gifts For Your Son or Daughter

Are you over the moon about your future baby girl or baby boy? Hopefully so, but let’s be honest, the idea of shopping for what we consider a unisex baby gift feels like a burdensome and daunting task. Not to worry, this list provides a steady stream of shopping induced endorphin release for the anxious grandparents expecting a little one in their family.

Gender Neutral Gifts... Just Because

There is no better baby gift than a thoughtful and unexpected gift from a friend. But purchasing unisex baby gifts for a friend is challenging when there is friction in your spontaneity. You want to help and love on this little one but you also need to return to your busy life.

Don’t worry, these unisex baby gift ideas give you more options than your budget allocates for. You can and will look like the baby buying expert after a mom witnesses your perfect gift.

Practical Unisex Baby Gifts

You already know diapers, baby blankets, and burp cloths to be practical baby gifts. But if we are being honest, while always useful, these best unisex baby gifts are boring. Unless adding more flair by creating a diaper cake or baby shower gift box, it’s better to choose practical baby gifts that are less expected.

Food is the most universal of the gender neutral baby gifts. I mean everyone needs to eat, right? If the mom is concerned about how to serve her baby healthier food choices, look at gifts that make the process easier and attainable.

The Baby Bullet is a product that makes blending baby foods a simple (and easy to clean) task.

Baby wash is another item that works great, especially in a baby shower gifts basket. Every baby needs cleaning and even if mom rarely uses your choice of soap, inevitably, she will run short and be grateful for your gift. You become the superhero who saves the day and washes the spit up, blowout, and messiness away.

Unique Baby Gifts For Both Genders

For most, creativity comes to a screeching halt when thinking of unique baby gift ideas for an unknown gender. Having to eliminate so many choices leaves shoppers suffering from decision fatigue. But there is a way to narrow down the search yet allow for unique ideas to flow.

Creating sentimental moments is both a unique and beneficial gift to expecting parents. Capturing moments in can be more special than triggered memories offered by Facebook and Apple albums. Photo albums, frames, journals, and scrapbooks make these moments visible in unique ways.

Educational Baby Gifts For all Babies

Did you know that baby education begins before a child is born? Yep, brands like Baby Plus offer products that stimulate your child’s brain and regulate sleep patterns.

Since parents have a growing desire to educate their children at an early age, brain benefiting products make for a perfect gift. As long as the educational product isn’t labor and time intensive for mom, you can’t go wrong choosing education based gender neutral baby gifts.

Gifts That Give Mom a Break

A new baby is a ton of work for mom. While there isn’t much that we can do during the initial months, forward thinking about making life less stressful is appreciated by mom. Her responsibilities increase as the months go on, whether it is food preparation, playdates, or cleaning. She’s tired.

While we hate to admit it, trial and error is the best way for a mom to figure out what best occupies her little one. Baby mats, toy rattlers, and shows (shame on us for suggesting screen time!) either work or they don’t. But that doesn’t mean mom will not be grateful for your effort.

Before you hit the checkout button, consider the safety of the product when buying gifts that give mom a break. A toy that hurts a child will take you from a shining star to a star that burns and disintegrates into nothingness.

Gender Neutral Baby Clothing

With or without a baby on the way, many people enjoy shopping for newborn clothes. While you may assume that clothing doesn’t offer gender neutral items, there are actually plenty of items to choose from.

We can use adult clothing examples when looking for a gender neutral option. Often, brands shrink popular products down to fit little ones, making for great neutral baby gifts.

Think of brands like Nike and Adidas where logos and styles look super cute on any baby. These trending and classic styles make for gender neutral baby clothes. What styles are the mom and dad into that will let their babies fit into their ensemble?

Piggyback on the skyrocketing slogan t-shirt industry. Having a t-shirt or onesie proudly state that “my mom is awesome” is and will always be a great baby gift.

Gender Neutral Baby Books

Baby books offer storytelling inside and outside of the book. Those of us fortunate to have loved one’s read to us as children remember the books from our youth. But it isn’t the book alone is not what makes it gender neutral gifts for a baby. It’s the awwwwww and potential tears that come when you tell the story of how this book affected you.

Books are less than the average price of a baby gift. This makes a book the perfect gift in a baby gift box.

Gender Neutral Baby Toys

Toys are typically the initial gender neutral baby gift ideas that people have. But baby toys are not essential. They capture about as much of the mother’s attention as it would a kid opening up 100 presents at Christmas.

If you are going to purchase a gender neutral baby toy, have it include one of the above features, such as giving mom a break or being educational. Here is an idea that you may have yet to think of.

A Premium Car Mirror for Babies

Want a gift that checks all the boxes? How about one that gives a mom a greater ability to see her child? Then consider our luxury car mirror.

The Leo & Ella larger size mirror gives more visibility to that precious face. Not only is it the larger size that makes it one of the best unisex baby gifts, our mirror is crash tested to ensure safety during an emergency. Thousands of customers agree that the Leo & Ella Car mirror for babies is one of the best gender neutral baby gifts on prime.


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