Funny Baby Shower Gifts: Ideas Every Parent Will Love

Funny Baby Shower Gifts: Ideas Every Parent Will Love

Looking for a funny baby shower gift? Look no further! In this guide, we will teach you about the best funny baby shower gifts that will make the new parents laugh every time. Here is what you can expect to learn that will make your gift giving process much easier!

  • What we actually consider being a “funny” baby shower gift.
  • Deciding when it is appropriate to give a funny gift to expecting parents.
  • Baby shower gifts that crack mom up and she will brag about for years to come.
  • Baby shower gifts that make dad chuckle and he can enjoy with his buddies.
  • How to choose a silly baby gift for that mom who loves to love and laugh.
  • Gifting that will make light of this thing we call parenting.
  • Understanding how to choose a gift that nears the border of funny and just short of being inappropriate.
  • How to create a balanced shower gift basket that is both practical and fun.

By the end of this guide, you will produce a gift(s) that will be a home run with the parents and guests.

What Are Funny Baby Shower Gifts?

Remember this: funny baby shower gifts are primarily gag gifts new parents will laugh at. They can be anything from silly to sarcastic to down-right shocking. However, they always have one thing in common: they should make the new parents laugh!

Often these gifts are useful, but not necessarily “practical for the baby.” Aside from clothing, trying to be practical and funny with a single gift limits your options and can block creativity. Trying to be both practical and funny is a risky strategy that could lead to the dreaded, not so funny gift.

Why Give Funny Baby Shower Gifts?

Giving funny baby shower gifts shows new parents how you are “thinking of them” and you believe it is important that they have a good laugh. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving a gift that makes them laugh?

It’s also a good way to help parents expecting a baby to remember that they are still human beings with their own lives. There is a lot of anxiousness that comes with being a new parent and sometimes a focus on being perfect for our babies prevents us from focusing on ourselves.

Any experienced parent will tell you that perfection isn’t possible, and if you do not learn to laugh along the way, you're doomed to disappointment. A funny baby gift is a great way to remind parents to relax their shoulders, take a breath, and enjoy the process.

When Should You Give Funny Baby Shower Gifts?

Funny baby shower gifts are almost always a good idea, but the timing of them is important.! Remember that other people are bringing gifts to the baby shower. You could hurt an innocent bystander with your funny baby gift if the next guest brings diapers and a basic burp cloth set. Ouch!

While not always possible, we recommend giving them at the end of the shower after momma and daddy receive the practical gifts. This way, the new parents can open up the gag gifts and have a good laugh with everyone else before the shower is over.

Not only does this save other guests from looking like they were less thoughtful about their gifts, but it leaves yours as the last gift in their mind.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Funny Baby Shower Gift

For giving gifts, it would be easier if there were just two types of mothers: those that want everything practical and those that want funny gag type gifts. In reality, moms are not this polarizing. You need to understand a mother to best decide which type of gift (or balance of both) is best for their personality.

This is less true for a new dad, but we should still give you this warning...

Funny baby shower gifts are not a good way to break the ice if you are meeting the parents for the first time.

Don’t be that person who receives strange looks from everyone in attendance because of how obvious it is that you know nothing about these parents. In these situations, error on the side of practical or cute baby gifts.

Also, don’t buy a baby gift based on your personality. Just because you think a certain gift is funny, doesn’t mean the new parents will feel the same way. The last thing you want to do is offend new parents with a gift that’s too inappropriate or offensive.

If you are unsure about whether a gift is too inappropriate, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and go with a more suitable gift.

Types of Funny Baby Shower Gifts

As mentioned, not all “funny” baby shower gifts are created the same. Knowing what type of funny you are looking for will make the shopping process go a bit more smoothly.

Silly Baby Shower Gifts

Silly gifts are lighthearted and can be cute by design. When you give this type of gift, you might get a balance of laughter and awwwwwwww. This may seem like the safe choice, but for certain mothers, it is exactly the form of laughter they need.

Sarcastic Baby Shower Gifts

Choosing a sarcastic gift is leaning on the side of laughter. Expect the guests to turn to each other and chuckle before quickly returning their attention to the all-important-parents. This is a good idea for mothers who rarely take themselves too seriously.

Borderline Inappropriate Baby Shower Gifts

This type of gift idea causes some people to laugh hysterically and others to hold their breath, anticipating the reaching of mom and dad. You probably know a parent or two like this, but be sure that these are the parents holding this baby shower!

Funny Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

If you are looking specifically for a funny gift for the new mom, have a look at these examples.

Wine Glasses Built For a Baby Shower

There’s nothing better than a delicious glass of wine after a long day of - parenting! A wine glass is a perfect gift for new moms because it is inexpensive and there are plenty of options available. Here’s one we like that might even make parents in the crowd sing along.

Baby Shark Wine Glass

Here’s a tip: Look for smaller items to go inside of the glass to make it really stand out.

The Funny Baby Onesie

An expecting mother can never have enough cute onesies for their newborn baby. As parents, we all understand that baby spit up, food spills, and blowouts mean onesies get changed multiple times per day. Think about how much better a mom feels when she’s stressed out but finds laughter when putting a “Straight Outta Mommy“ onesie on her baby boy.

If you know for certain that this silly onesie will be a winner, consider buying a few sizes. A little one quickly grows out of their baby clothes (tear) and you want that gift to grow with them.

Designing Your Own Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

If the creative spirit is alive and well, you may want to DIY or customize your baby shower gift for mom. So here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • A “new mom“ indulgence kit that includes things like coffee and dark chocolate.
  • A “mommy’s timeout” chalkboard sign she can hang on the door when she needs a break.
  • A set of hilarious post-it notes that say things like “do not disturb” and “I’m not cleaning that up.”
  • A shirt that says “I survived childbirth, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

There are plenty of ways to take existing gifts and customize them to what you feel is best for mom.

Funny Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

Gift giving for an expectant dad may seem like fighting a different animal, but in actuality, not that much changes. With that said, there are subtle differences in gift type and messages when buying the best baby shower gift for dad.

Beer Glasses That Goes Down Smooth

We may stereotype a bit here, but generally, when mom drinks wine, dad drinks beer. You can go the lazy route and buy a set for both mom and dad like this one, but like we said, messaging is different for dads. There are thousands of results on Amazon, so think about what he is into and how that can be funny on a beer glass.

Sticking with our 90s hip-hop theme, here is a good that pairs Snoop Dogg with a classic mobster movie.

The Dogfather Beer Glass

Coffee Cups and Mugs

A coffee cup has an excellent shot at making dad perk up since nearly 3 out of every 4 fathers drink this stimulating beverage daily. Dad will appreciate this gift when he ends up laughing while getting ready for the day or as he heads to work. Remember, mom won’t be expecting for much longer, so think of a cup or mug that will live on past pregnancy.

Here is a great coffee cup for the dad who loves Star Wars.

Creating Baby Shower Gifts For Dad

Returning to our creative spirit, if you are looking for a funny gift for the new dad, we have some great ideas to get your thinking rolling!

  • Since dad is practical, why not create your “new dad“ survival kit to include things like his favorite beer and throwback snacks?
  • A shirt that says “Head of baby security but mom’s in charge” reminds dad he has an important role but not to overstep his bounds with momma!
  • Funny coasters that say things like “Get your feet off of the coffee table” or “Don’t make me get up”

The big guy will love his own gift since most dads end up sidelined at most baby showers.

How to Make a Funny Baby Shower Gift Basket

If you want to make a funny baby shower gift basket, we recommend including going with both practical and gag gifts. Each gag gift you give becomes less funny to everyone. So it’s best to let one or two funny gifts take the stage and entertain the parents and guests.

Choosing the right basket or box is important, but purchase your gift holder after you buy all the gifts. Presentation is everything with baby shower gift baskets and cramming them in looks silly (in a not funny way). Reserve your search for a cute basket until all your shopping is done.

Here are some ideas on what to include in your gift basket.

  • A set of newborn onesies rolled up that say things like “I’m not sleeping” and “Feed me now.”
  • A set of bibs that say things like “I drool because I’m cute.” and “I spit up because I love you.”
  • A burp cloth that says “Warning: contents may be hot.”
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer that says “For when you’re on the go and can’t find a sink.”
  • A onesie that says “My parents are exhausted.”
  • A book about parenting that is filled with humorous stories and funny reminders.

You might find that choosing multiple gifts for a baby shower is easier because you do not have to find the perfect one. Sometimes, the sum is greater than its parts, and that can be true with creating a baby shower gift package.

A Practical Gift To Catch Those Funny Moments

While gag gifts are great, we also recommend getting the new parents the items they absolutely need as they enter parenthood. Here is one that you might not have considered: A car mirror for viewing their precious ones.

A baby car mirror is the perfect gift to help the parents see their baby while they are driving. The baby car mirror by Leo&Ella is the best car mirror for babies because of its oversized design with a wider viewing angle, and its crash-tested shatterproof construction.
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