24 Of The Best Sentimental Baby Shower Gifts

24 Of The Best Sentimental Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are times of joy and anticipation where everyone gathers together to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world. They can also be stressful when trying to find the perfect gift for the occasion. 

If you’re worried about what to get for your next baby shower, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of the best sentimental baby shower gifts for the upcoming newborns and their loving parents. 

Read on to find the perfect gift to bring to your next baby shower besides a diaper bag. 

Sentimental Baby Shower Gifts For Boys

Here are the perfect gifts for a baby boy.

Animal Baby Socks

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! If you know some animal-loving parents to be, this is the perfect small gift that will ensure their baby boy starts on the right track. This wonderfully adorable pack of socks comes with eight pairs, each designed around a new furry friend. 

If you’re worried about finding clothes for a newborn, these socks fit zero to 12 months, so they will grow with the baby. 

Baby NFL Jersey

Some people might not put “sentimental” and the NFL in the same sentence. But for many new parents, having a mini football lover is vital. If you have an expecting friend who watches football every Sunday, they will coo over these little Jerseys for their little one. 


These adorable baby outfits come in various team colors and logos. If you don’t see a favorite team, they also have more general ones with football slogans that are sure to please any fan. 

Personalized Baby Blanket

With all that spit-up, tears, and spilled milk, there’s always a lot of laundry going on in a house with a new baby. That means that even if expecting parents to have a few baby blankets already, they’ll always welcome another, especially one this thoughtful.


This super cute and plush fleece blanket is light but ultra soft, perfect for the colder months. It’s decorated with woodland creatures and will come customized with the new baby’s name on it. 

My First Soft Book

Books are always fun and meaningful baby shower gift ideas. These soft books are perfect because they double as teething toys! Each book in this six-pack consists of nontoxic fabric, ideal for babies learning sensory cues.


The books are colorful and fun and have themes ranging from animals to counting. The fabric makes a delightful crinkly sound and is tough enough to withstand the most rambunctious roughhousing. 

Sentimental Baby Shower Gifts for Girls

Here are some of the best gifts for a baby girl.

Mama’s Mini Outfit

This is an adorable baby shower gift for an expecting mom who can’t wait to have a mini-her! This set comes with sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a bow headband. It comes in several colors and fonts as well. 


This is a thoughtful gift for a new mom who loves fashion. Her daughter will be decked out in the latest trends as soon as she’s born, and she’ll match with her mama. 

Personalized Baby Hat

This is another spectacular baby shower gift idea for a little girl who's sure to be a fashionista. This super cute baby hat comes in seven colors and is embroidered with the baby’s name and a daisy. 


This new baby gift is affordable but doesn’t skimp on quality. Each hat is hand-embroidered with care and attention in the USA. This sentimental gift is something that parents will keep long after their daughter outgrows it. 

Baby Girl Headbands

You might think headbands are a basic gift for a baby shower, but these are not your average headbands. They made these baby girl headbands of high-quality suede and are supremely comfortable. 


They have the most beautiful designs, from simple bows to intricate poppy flowers. Even better, these headbands are adjustable so they will fit a newborn for many months. This is the ideal gift for a baby girl who is going to be treated like a princess. 

Goodnight Little Me

Goodnight Little Me is a thoughtful and touching gift that will set you apart from everyone else at the baby shower. This beautiful hardcover picture book is customizable, so the title will read “Goodnight Little” and then the name of the new baby. 

Not only will the cover be personalized, but it will also feature their name inside the story and in the illustrations. New parents will end up reading this lovely book to their daughter every night to send her off to sleep. 

Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

If you don’t want any gendered gifts, these are some excellent ones to choose from.

Letters to My Baby 

This sweet book is one of the most sentimental on our list. This adorable book of letters includes twelve envelopes and notecards with prompts of things to write to a new baby. Parents can answer questions related to wishes for their newborn’s life, descriptions of their new home, and more. 


After they write their letters, parents will seal the letters and have them ready to mail later in life. This is an extra-thoughtful gift because it includes something for now and something for later. 

Baby Gift Set

This is the ultimate sentimental and practical gift if you want to treat new parents at their baby shower. This gift basket comes with eleven items that are both adorable and useful. 


There are some purely cute gifts inside, like a plushy toy, pillow, and blanket. There are also some practical gifts like a parent guidebook and a newborn clothing set. There are also some purely sentimental pieces like an ornament of a baby’s footprint.

Customized Baby Blocks

There might be a few block sets gifted at any baby shower, but none compared to these iconic and customizable wooden blocks. These blocks are classic light-wash wood that measures 2 inches. They are perfect for small hands but big enough for kids to grow into. 

These special blocks are also customizable with the baby’s name. Rather than cheap stickers, these blocks are laser-engraved to ensure that baby’s name will stay fresh. 

Baby UGG Boots

The only thing in the world that is cuter than baby shoes is baby UGG boots. These tiny fluffy boots are a perfect gift for a baby shower because they are fun to open. They show how much you care about the new baby’s comfort.

A newborn will indeed grow out of these little booties relatively fast. But that makes them an even better gift because they are something that the parents would not buy themselves. 

Gifts for Mom

You can’t leave out mom when gift giving at the baby shower! Here are some practical gifts to help with de-stressing after bringing the baby home.

52 Lists for Calm Journal

Any mom or expecting mom knows that having a newborn is not the calmest moment in life. If your friend or loved one is entering their baby shower with anxiety about this new life chapter, this thoughtful gift will set their mind at ease. 


This journal will help a new mom practice mindfulness and self-care when it’s most needed. Each week of the year has inspiring list prompts and places for reflection. 

Initial Necklace

This beautiful and simple necklace is another sentimental gift, perfect for a new mom who wants a piece of her new baby wherever she goes. This necklace features a sterling silver chain and elegant initial that can be customized based on her new baby’s name.


This necklace is understated enough to go with any outfit, and lightweight so as not to be a burden for a new mom. 

Calming Candle Set

This calming candle set is another sentimental gift for a new mom who needs some TLC. These candles make an ideal baby shower gift because expecting moms can enjoy them during the stress of pregnancy and in moments of downtime once the baby is born.


This luxurious pack comes with two elegant white candles, each scented with lavender and eucalyptus. Both of these scents are used in alternative medicine for stress reduction. 

New Mom Gift Set

This is the best gift for the super mom who deserves it all, aka every new mother. This thoughtful gift will show that you care about her and want her to have the best. 


This gift set comes with all that a new mom needs before and after pregnancy. Items include a spa bath set with bath bombs and premium goat’s milk soap, soothing vanilla rose candle, and a drink tumbler for the day she can finally have a glass of wine.  

Gifts for Dad

Don’t leave out dad, either, when gift giving at the baby shower!

Light Knit Robe

As soon as the new baby comes, the new dad is going to be getting up in the middle of the night constantly to check on his little one. This comfortable and lightweight robe is perfect for throwing on at any hour of the day or night at a moment’s notice.


New dads will appreciate the breezy summer cotton and the stylish design. Best of all, it’s machine washable, so no amount of spit-up or drool will phase him. 

Frame Cover Photo Album

This is the gift for the guy who has always got a camera or smartphone out taking pictures. Dads love to capture every moment of their new baby’s life and this beautiful photo album with a frame cover is as sentimental as it gets.


Even in today’s world, where most pictures stay on the internet, new parents will want to commemorate the vital moments in print photos. 

Silk Eye Mask

Parenting is a two-person job, and dads will need a bit of rest too. This eye mask is 100% pure silk and comes with a gel pack they can use to cool or warm. 


This gift is a bit of luxury that a dad might not think of for himself but will appreciate. If he has to get up constantly every night, he might as well be getting great sleep during his few hours of shut-eye. 

Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

While this book of exceptionally bad dad jokes might not seem so sentimental, for the guy who’s always using his funny bone, it will mean something really special. 


If you know a dad-to-be who is looking forward to embarrass his future kids with puns and quips, this gift will have him prepared in no time. This gift also doubles as a fun baby shower activity. Indeed, the new dad will want to open it right away and get everyone laughing. 

Gifts for Both Parents 

Mom and Dad Mugs

This cute couple’s gift will be the star of any baby shower show. These matching mugs have a simple design and are large enough to fit all the coffee new parents need once their baby arrives.


The mugs look like ceramic but are made of stainless steel, so they won’t break during hectic times with the baby. They also have covers to keep liquid from spilling. 

Massage Gun

This is an indulgent and thoughtful gift for new parents who aren’t used to the physical toll being a parent takes. Once the baby comes, they will be so grateful to have this strong and versatile massage gun after crazy days and long nights.

This massage gun is powerful and goes deep tissue. It also has adjustable settings, so expecting mothers can use it in a lighter setting to relieve pregnancy pains. 

Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

This is another incredibly sentimental gift that parents will coo over. This beautiful kit comes with a clean-touch ink pad and all the materials parents need to take beautiful prints of their newborn’s hands and feet.


The kit also comes with a triple picture frame. That way, they can display a smiling photo of their little one between the hand and footprints. New parents will keep this gift forever. 

Baby Milestone Blanket

For social-media-obsessed parents, no gift will be more sentimental than this. This adorable baby milestone blanket is white with two sprigs of eucalyptus pattern to place an infant between. Next to the baby is a set of numbers that show how many months old the baby is. 


The blanket comes with a market wreath and twelve milestone cards that make the perfect set-up for a photo-op.

A Sentimental Gift For Every Mom

If you want a gift that works for every mother and is appreciated at every turn along their baby's journey, then have a look at our luxury baby car mirror. Mom will be sure to remember this gift each time she looks in the rear view mirror to witness her precious baby. 

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